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Couchable is a blog run by Tyler Herman about creating, running and being successful with your web design career and your various web business ventures.

Couchable is a web design and design business blog created by me, Tyler Herman. I started this blog because it seemed like I wasn’t getting a lot from reading other blogs. So I decided to start my own. A teach myself by teaching others type of deal.

What This Blog Attempts To Be

To keep it as simple as possible, the goal of this blog is to make you and I better. By better I mean better designers, gain better clients, produce better work, user your time more effectively, and improve your design quality of life (hopefully without going all cheesy, self-help on you).

What This Blog Isn’t

So there are a few thing I am trying to do differently here that other design blogs might not be doing or not doing the way I would prefer it.

This is not a blog to go to and learn the latest tips and techniques in web design, although I occasionally may have both if I feel they are particularly useful and not covered elsewhere. We all can use Google and there are plenty of good resources for learning Photoshop or web design.

I will try to keep list and roundups to an absolute minimum. We all know what fluff posts look like and I’ll do my best not to create them. I also don’t post freebies or other design junk. Again there are plenty of places to find these types of things elsewhere.

I promise this blog will never be overwhelmed with tons of ads, popups to subscribe to the newsletter or other distractions. I am trying to keep it simple and put the content as my number one priority.

About Me

I’ve been looking to do something to get better at design, instead of the what I’ve been up to. My thoughts were teaching design or blogging about design. The second choice you can see, the first I may still pursue. I work during the day as a web designer and do a little bit of freelance at night, and of course I write, a lot.

For a while now, I’ve been going to blogs, reading a little bit, and moving on without learning anything. Not always the case but more and more I’m finding it hard to discover new content. So it seemed like the logical next step was to start writing myself. Nothing gets you to really master a topic than having to teach others about it. So this blog will also be an opportunity for me to expand by knowledge.

So that is why I went about creating this site.


The idea for the site was conceived in September 2011, posts began on September 27th but the site was officially born (when I started doing a little promotion) on October 20th, 2011.

After a slow holiday season and some computer trouble, I’ve gotten a redesigned site prepared, just need to code it. I’ve also narrowed the focus of the blog think everything should move along better now.

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Couchable is a web design blog created by Tyler Herman. Not really updated anymore because I'm busy doing freelance design work and busy launching my little WordPress theme shop Real Theme Co. You can read a little more about my at my personal site