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Ways to get your work out there, networking ideas, developing your personal brand, and using social media and other promotion methods effectively.

Starting A Blog

Most people at some time or other consider making a blog. Either they have a topic they are passionate about, want to make money, or need to promote a business, service or themselves. It is actually an easy question to answer. Just check these basic criteria against your topic or…

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Post-Penguin SEO Advice for Beginners

It seems like the SEO world has changed and so will the internet marketing world. With the large amount of old and outdated content out there it can be hard for newcomers to find solid advice and gain a foothold. There are many techniques that just don't work anymore yet…

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Improving An Old Site’s Traffic - Quick and Easy

There are tons of things you can do to improve an old site, like refresh the design, add more content, refresh the content that is there, add more interactive features, improve the on and off-page SEO, but this article will focus on analyzing the traffic the site is getting and…

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How Does Google Define Quality

Google has been harping about quality content for a while now. They want great content and will provide the best search results to the people who have it (in theory). Of course there are millions of examples showing garbage content at the top of the SERPs but they are slowly…

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Link Building After Penguin

We all have been looking closely at the way we build links and have been doing SEO lately because of Penguin. Many of us have seen our sites tank because of poor link building practices. Some of us simply didn’t know any better or did some foolish things a few…

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Finding Writers for Web Articles and Content

I've been spending a lot of time writing my own web content lately but whether you just don't have the time or don't know the subject finding writers online is the next best option. There are lots of places to look and the quality of the articles varies tremendously.

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One of My Sites Got the Google Slap

Well I suppose if you play around with grey-hat techniques you end up getting burnt eventually. But even white hat techniques can get you in trouble these days. One of my better niche sites got the Google slap last week and probably won’t come out of it for a couple…

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Competing in a Crowded Niche

Crowded niches can be extremely difficult to get started in but also happen to be the most interesting and most lucrative. Whether you have a passion and want to write about it, have a business in a crowded niche you need to promote, or simply want to make money, it…

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Promoting Websites with Local Search

For a brand new website, optimizing for local search can be the first and easiest way to get relevant traffic. There are plenty of ways of driving traffic to websites but local search is best for small businesses looking to use their websites to gain new clients or sales. The…

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What I’ve Learned From Blogging (Month 6)

Well time sure is flying by. I didn't realize this blog has already been around now for six months. I haven't been writing these posts with any kind of regularity but I figured I'd share some of my insights on blogging from the last six months.

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Determining How Fast a Website Gets Indexed

You can tell a lot about how well a new website will do in the search engines right away, by how long it takes to get indexed by Google. How long it takes, which pages get indexed first, and what terms the new site gets indexed for in Webmaster Tools…

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Building Niche Sites for Passive Income

Even if you don’t do it, you’ve probably thought about it. All designers, especially freelancers would love to have one or multiple passive income streams. Building a small army of niche sites containing ads and affiliate links seems pretty gimmicky, and yet it works for some people. Being web designers…

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Using Twitter More Effectively

For whatever reason, I'm really late to the Twitter game. But I've been studying up and see what works and what doesn't. And much of what doesn't is what a lot of people are doing. So here are some tips to improve your Twitter usage.

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Why Every Designer Should Blog

Blogging can be tedious but is so important for designers. We are in the communication business and there is no better way to develop your communication skills and develop your expertise. If you are not blogging in some capacity, maybe this will get you started.

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What I Learned From Blogging Month 2

Wow it seems like only yesterday, I started this project. I continue to experiment and have learned a lot, even in just two short months of blogging here. Traffic has been steadily climbing and although I may be short of my initial goals, I am still making significant progress.

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Why SEO is Hurting SEO

When you hear of SEO a couple things come to mind and none of them are very good. I mostly think of shady and dishonest practices, gimmicks and other cheap methods to game the search engines. The very nature of SEO is to artificially inflate search results higher than where…

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Options vs Simplicity

On Twitter today I noticed a tweet by @tkenny (Tom Kenny), the guy behind Inspect Element. He is redesigning his blog and tweeted these about the use of sidebars, which I didn't agree with but wanted to share:

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