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Amazon Affiliate Back in California

Well it looks like people in California will again be able to participate in affiliate programs. The two most notable who banned California users were and

This could be a loss for California, the state were I reside, which desperately needs funds right now but good for you guys out there making money off affiliate programs. I have wanted to create an affiliate account with Amazon for a little while and now I will finally be able to. So in the future you might expect to see some posts on the subject.

It is hard to say if this is a good or bad thing. It feels wrong to know a corporation has enough power to get a bill axed but the increased revenue from having the affiliates and the companies like Overstock and Amazon in the state might make up for some of the taxes which will not be collected.

It seems like a highly debated and touchy subject in any case. And one that hits close to home with my on several levels. I am a state employee, and the budget cuts are effecting us big time. I also of course live in California. I also run this blog and plan to get an affiliate program up and running shortly. What is your take on the subject?

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