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Yellow Website Designs

Yellow Website Designs

Here is a collection of yellow websites. Yellow is one of those colors that typically is only used for a accent color. Yellow can be a hard color to design with because it can be overwhelming on a bright backlit screen that you don't get in the print world.

The biggest use of yellow in websites is to use an off-white yellow color as a background. The other primary use of yellow in websites, aside from being an ascent color, is using it in combination with black to make a high contrast, high impact website. Typically with only those two colors for maximum effect. It was a little difficult to put this collection together, but here are the ten good examples I was able to find.

Always Sunny

An incredibly funny show and a pretty nice website design. Yellow on yellow with black as the accent and text colors.
Always sunny in phillie yellow website design

Beer Camp

Both the 2010 and 2011 sites are pretty nice. 2010 is a better design but 2011 definitely takes a different approach.
beer camp yellow website design
Beer Camp 2010

Black5 klein-stark-schwarz









Yellow can be good for creating high impact websites but also lighter shades can be nice for light and airy designs. Far from bring a common

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