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Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO

Search engine optimization is something you want to keep in the back of your mind whenever you are creating new web content. Here are 5 quick tips to make sure you write content that is search engine friendly.

Title Tags

Start with the important stuff. Write short and descriptive title tags for your pages and blog posts. Try to keep them under 70 characters. Leave out works like “the, of, a, I, it, there” because they are ignored by search engines. Make sure to get your keywords in the title tag and start with the most important words at the beginning and add the lesser ones toward the end.

Here is an example: “Apple Pies Made Fresh Daily | Bob’s Bakery”.


Heading tags consist of:


The H1 having the most search ranking importants and the H6 the least. You want to use only one h1 tag, typically for the title of the page, 2 H2 tags, three H3 tags and so on. You won’t be able to always use them all but make sure to use headings to break up your content and use your keywords in them when possible.

Cross Link

This one can take time but is very important. Make sure all of your content is connected via internal links. If you have five pages about pies make sure they link together both in the navigation and with links in the content. This allows search engine spiders to crawl you site easier, improve SEO and allow users to find similar content within your site.

File Naming Convention

Use your keywords in any files you have on your website. That means html files, pdfs, images and videos should all be named with search engines in mind. Some examples: blueberry-pie.jpg, apply-pie.html, pie-recipes.pfd.

Image Alt and Title Tags

Another place where you can add some of your keywords. Don’t just stuff your alt tags because they do serve a purpose to screen readers. But when you can add relevant information to both alt and title tags.

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