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Social Media - Narrow Your Focus

There are simply a ton of different social media outlets to choose from today and trying to use them all, especially if you are a one man/woman/other crew. It is best to narrow it down to 1-2 and I’ll go over the best way to do that.


How much time do you have to spend each day, week, month on social media. The less time you have the more you need to think about hitting one or two of them hard and forgetting about the rest.


Is your audience wide or a tiny niche? Find out where your customers spend their time and be right there with them. If you sell t-shirts you might want to hit a wide target using Facebook. If you have a very specific niche like say, selling original parts for antique cars, there could be a Ning group or some forums you want to spend more of your time on.

Does your target audience even use the social media outlet. If your target is 30-60 year old, male, truck drivers, Twitter might not be the best option for you. In fact social media in general might not be the right way to spend your time. Which reminds me, don’t force yourself to get into social media just because it’s the next big thing.

Track Conversions

Ask your customers how they heard of you. Just because you have a millions Facebook fans doesn’t mean they are purchasing anything.

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