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Bought Another Site on Flippa

So another day and another website purchased. This one again within the WordPress design niche. The site is a premium plugin review blog.

The second website I purchased from is a premium WordPress plugin review site. As with the other website I purchased, this one is relatively new, which means greater risk and not a ton of profit yet, but I can see the potential in both of them.

WP Plugins

This site is a little bit nicer than the first one I purchased (and a little cheaper) but isn’t getting as much traffic either. It is nicer because the theme is pretty solid and there is a number of good plugins installed. The theme is built with the Genesis Framework. I have never really had a chance to use it yet so it was pretty cool to get to play around and see how it really works under the hood.

So far I am really impressed. A whole lot less hacking of theme files. There are lots of Widget areas for adding images and ads. I could see this site growing into something pretty large if I can spend the time to write enough content. As with the first site, the longest part of the process is waiting for the domain name to transfer into my name. I could have made an account with the previous site owner’s domain registrar but I’d rather just keep all my domain in my primary account. Easier to keep track of them all.

One thing I didn’t do with the first site but should have was get all the affiliate links set up ASAP. I waited until the transfer was complete. With this site I’ve already gone in and made a lot of changes and switched to a lot of my links. I still have to go in and do the individual posts, but the main image links and adsense have been done. So hopefully I’ll see a trickle of money coming in, or at least some impressions.

The first website I purchased is also coming along OK. So far I’ve:

  • Added 2 new posts
  • Swapped in my affiliate links
  • Added a FAQs section
  • Added a WP Hosting page

I have one web design client site I’m trying to finish this week and then after that. I can really spend some time building out this website.

Future Plans

I plan on added 4 posts per month to both of these websites and getting someone to build some links for me. There are also a few other websites on flippa that I have my eye on. I’d like to get a small network of sites going, all in the design niche. So far I have three, and would like to build that out to about 6-10 sites.

I purchased a design gallery WP theme and will building out 1-2 gallery sites to go along with these sites. So once those are done, and if I purchase 1-2 other sites I have my eye on I should be up to 6-7 websites by the end of the year. With fingers crossed I’m hoping to be bringing in about $1000 a month from affiliate offers and ads. I’ve also considered allowing sponsored posts, but we’ll see how that goes.

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