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Dropbox, How Did I Live Without You

Dropbox, How Did I Live Without You

Once upon a time people used to carry these things called "thumb drives" and before those there were rewritable cds, and zip discs, and before those, floppy disks. All of which with the purpose of storing and moving data. Now we just have a Dropbox Account.

If you are one of those people living under a rock, here is the info: Dropbox is a cloud based data service. You create an account (it is free) and install the application on your computer. Then simply take any files you want to backup or make available elsewhere, and place them into your Dropbox folder. The files will be uploaded to the Dropbox server, where they can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. The setup is quick and painless.

But Wait, There’s More

Not only can you access your files anywhere but you can share these files with the public or with select people. This makes collaborating on a project a snap. Your Dropbox account can also be used as an ftp upload server where people can give you their work files. Doing graphic and web design work I really cannot live without this tool anymore. I upgraded to the Pro account which give 50gigabytes of storage. It makes for a nice backup and easy way for clients to access large files that wouldn’t normally be emailable (is that a word?).

Store and backup your data. Access it from anywhere and collaborate with others easily and securely.

If you are not collaborating, or working from multiple computers or locations you can still use it as a backup drive. Did I mention it is free. But seriously, if you are having to email files to yourself to get them from work to home or still carrying a flash drive around, give Dropbox a try. The free version gives 2 gigs of storage. If you refer someone (like I’m trying to do) you get more storage space added to your account.

So go check it out and click here to watch a quick video on Dropbox.

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