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Business is Like Dating

Business is Like Dating

There are so many thing you can compare business to but dating is particularly relevant. The sweaty palms, nervousness and fear of rejection. Hopefully made worthwhile with a long-lasting romance.

Clothing, Makeup and Accessories

This is your personal brand. Although you can only change the way you look so much you try to put your best face forward. At the very least wear clean clothes and smelling decent. The same holds true in business.

People are superficial. We make decisions and judgements based off appearance every day and with business it is no exception. If this wasn’t the case companies like Apple would be out of business. Almost every product has a bargain niche, a middle niche and a premium niche. Many times all the same product, just at different price points based off the quality of the brand, and the perception said brand gives off. You can buy generic cereal in the bag, a brand-name by the box for twice the price, or go to a specialty shop and buy vegan, gluten-free, organic, super-cereal for four times the price. Know where your products or services fall in the price tiers and brand yourself accordingly. It is ok if you’re not beautiful like Porshe or Rolex, look for love in your niche, just don’t dress like your homeless, even if you are a bargain.

First Impressions

You might get a few sales off of your branding alone but probably not many. What you wear is part of your first impression but it is also your posture, attitude and how and what you say that can scare away that luck guy or gal. Be engaging, warm and approachable. Standing in the corner waiting for business to come to you isn’t going to get you anywhere. Make sure your contact information is easy to find and make it clear you are all about customer service.

The Pitch

So you’ve walked up to a potential date or they’ve walked up to you. What do you say? Every business card, advertisement, website, sticker and product label should say: who you are and what the product or service is. Nothing more nothing less. If you have a tagline or slogan, that can help get the point across, but keep it short and sweet. I especially see companies make a mistake with web ads, where you have no idea what the company or product is. It might look nice but I’m not going to click on it just because of that.

You cannot tell your life story in that first inital pitch and there is a good change the person listening doesn’t want to hear it either. Give the pitch, if they like it great, if not that is ok too.

Don’t Be Shy

Do not wait for them to come to you. I know you have an wonderful personality and your mom says you’re a catch… but believe me the more times you step up to the plate the better your chances of getting a hit.

Don’t Worry About Rejection

Rejection might be hard to swallow but you need to think of it as a learning experience. With advertisements especially, they are viewed by people who have no need to buy your product or service, no matter how good you look, present yourself and make the pitch. So don’t sweat it. Don’t stop looking and eventually you will find those special someone(s).

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