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ExpressionEngine Add-ons - Making Client’s Lives Easier

ExpressionEngine Add-ons - Making Client’s Lives Easier

ExpressionEngine is a great content management system to develop with but can use a little help making it as client-friendly as possible. So here is a list of add-ons for making your clients experience working with ExpressionEngine as easy as your experience developing with it.

Backup, Storage, Automation

The one thing you are almost guaranteed with any client is, they don’t backup, ever, even if they have the tools to do so. The other thing they can have trouble with is dealing with files. So here are a few add-ons to help with both.

Backup Pro

The cool thing about Backup Pro is it comes with a free version, that has many of the features of the paid version. So there is no real reason not to give it a try.

Backup Pro ExpressionEngine add-on

Check out the free version here: It also shows a comparision of the free and paid versions so you know what you are getting.

The paid version can be found here:


Automate a lot of the functions of your website.

Automat-EE automation add-on for ExpressionEngine


A cleaner, better presentation of files in the CP.


Sadly, ExpressionEngine doesn’t come with a simple way for clients to add and edit their site’s navigation. Luckily, there are a few add-ons to help with this.


Nav-EE navigation add-on for ExpressionEngine


Taxonomy navigation add-on for ExpressionEngine


Structure is able to manage both Pages and your navigation with one add-on.

Structure ExpressionEngine add-on


The Pages module in ExpressionEngine works, but can be confusing for users, especially when specifying a URI for the page and selecting the correct template to use.


Plates ExpressionEngine pages add-on

Better Pages

A replacement for the Pages area of the CP that makes it easier for clients to select the template they need.

Better Pages another pages addon for EE


I already mentioned Structure above with navigation because… it can be used for both.



ExpressionEngine has relationships but nothing quite as extensive as Playa.

Playa relationship addon


Multi-relationships EE add-on

Control Panel

The control panel is pretty functional but isn’t easily customizable. A lot of times you want to simplify as much as possible for the content creators. Here are a few control panel themes and some other add-ons to improve or alter the functionality of the CP.


Create custom Publish Layouts based on templates, not member groups. Pretty handy.

Blueprints EE add-on


Adds lightbox functionality to the CP for setting instructions for clients. Allows you to make some pretty complex instructions with images if needed. Something even the dumbest clients can figure out.


Entry Layouts

This one is great for when you have different sets of content for different entries in the same channel. Set up separate publish layouts in a per entry basis.

Entry Layouts

Easy Page Links

An add-on that includes a list of pages from the Pages module when you click on the link button for a channel field. A nice and simple way for clients to make internal links within a channel field.

Missing Link

View the CP from the front end of the website and make edits in a modal window.

Missing Link expressionengine add-on


Add custom css and javascript to the control panel.

MX Extended Content Menu

MX Extended Content Menu for EE


Redirect different member groups to different areas of the CP when they login.

Usher CP addon

CP Menu Master

Alter the CP menus by hiding channels, adding submenus and other changes.

CP Menu Master addon

Zoo Flexible Admin

Completely customize the CP menu.

Zoo Flexible Admin for the EE control panel


Replaces Edit Channel Entries area of CP with lots of other methods of filtering your searches like categories. Useful for sites with tons of channels and entries.

Zenbu entry list manager for EE


Switchboard is live search engine for the Control Panel. Search entries, channels fields, add-ons, templates, everything from anywhere in the CP. Great for developers and clients alike.

Switchboard - live search for EE control panel

CP Themes

Control panel themes to make the CP “prettier”, less pink, or add additional functionality.

Sassy CP

Sassy CP

Responsive CP

Responsive Control Panel


Channel Fields

Channel Videos

Channel Videos - video upload field for ExpressionEngine


Pretty much the only way to do table based data or photo galleries in ExpressionEngine. Not a must have for every EE project but pretty close to it.

Matrix channel fields for ExpressionEngine


Personally, I like using the default xHTML Text Formatting for custom fields but if your clients need to make more style changes, a WYSYWIG editor is the best option.


Expresso wysiwyg text editor for ExpressionEngine
Developer Licence


WYGWAM wywiwyg text editor for ExpressionEngine


Wyvern wysiwyg text editor for ExpressionEngine

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