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Friday Funhouse: Inspiration from Around the Web #1

Friday Funhouse: Inspiration from Around the Web #1

So instead of publishing a post on Fridays, I've decided to create a collection of useful links, videos and other fun stuff to inspire, from around the web. This includes a broad array of content: some lighthearted and fun, some inspirational, and some being useful tidbits of information.

EE Snippets - A new site devoted to what else, ExpressionEngine code snippets. Will be nice to see how the site develops.

Why Facebook is Not the Cure for Bad Comments - I hate Facebook and I hate blogs that use Facebook for their comments. This article goes over some of the reasons why blogs have turned to Facebook and why that might not have been the best idea.

5 Uncommon Ways to Measure Social Media Success - Some really good ways to measure your social media success. Getting a bunch of followers is one thing but working on these other measurements really shows how your social efforts are doing.

Why I Don’t Run Google Adsense on My Blog - John Chow’s take on Adsense and why he no longer uses it. A pretty interesting and amusing read. - A really fantastic blog. Here is one of many great posts. A case study of Copybloggers move to really monazite itself.

Trey Ratliff, enough said - I think if I could trade lives with someone Trey might be one of people high on my list. He goes around to all kinds of amazing places and takes even more amazing HRD photos of them.

The Expressive Web I think most people have seen this by now but if you haven’t there is some really cool things going on here with HTML5.

Amazing Pumpkin Sculptures It is sad that Halloween is over. But here are some incredible sculptures to keep you going until next year.

Cate Parr, Fashion Illustrator @ TheCoolHunter
I don’t know why but I’ve always really liked watercolors. Even though I suck at using them.

Well I hope that was in some way useful or enlightening. Let me know if you like having these posts each week or not.

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