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Selling Your Products Online

Many people try to sell their products online and most do not succeed. The idea that selling online is "free" is one of the biggest myths out there. Nothing is free and selling online is no exception. But there are some low cost ways of getting your products online. I'll go over 5 of the ones I recommend for beginners.

Just in case you were wondering, I don’t have an affiliate program with any of these companies. They are my recommendations because I feel they are some the best options and for no other reasons.

Store Envy

Store Envy is social store design. You can build your own store hosted with them or create a stand-alone store on your own domain. There is no monthly fees or transaction fees. You have to take credit cards or use Paypal in some way, so their is that cost to consider. To customize stores you are able to edit the css but it is fairly limited aside from that. Not the best solution if you need a highly customized store but if you are just looking to get anything going at the lowest cost this is a solid option.


I’ve put two websites together using CoreCommerce. It is a hosted solutions with a monthly fee. It comes with a few decent templates to get started. Customizing templates is a little bit painful but doable. I recommend this one over a lot of other similar services like Volusions and Shopify because it is cheaper, there are more built in features and the developers seem to be really active. Most of the features people ask for on the forums end up being created relatively quickly. The documentation is very good and there are a lot of good videos showing how to set up the service.


Most people have probably heard of Etsy. It is similar to Ebay in that you are charged a fee to post your products on the service. This would be a good solution for people who create their own products and already have a client base. You can direct your clients to your store to view and buy your products. This is the best solutions for people with no web design/e-commerce experience.

Solid Shops

A little more expensive than CoreCommerce per month but with a lot easier templating system. If you are a web designer or need to really customize your solution this is a pretty good options for being a hosted solution.


I figure I’ll throw in a shopping cart solution to round out the list. I haven’t worked with this one but heard good things from a few different people. This would be for someone wanting to roll out their own custom solution on their website.


Sure why not. If you have a website all you need to do is create a Paypal account and put a button where it needs to go. This is the most budget way to go. If you only have one product to sell and you already have a blog or website, just make a Paypal button. You can always go with another solution later if your sales work really increase.

There are tons of different ecommerce solutions out there. What ones do you use and recommend?

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