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New Design and What I’m Writing

The new site is up and almost finished. Still a few bugs, a lot of tweaking to do and a few old pages still hanging around. I've also has a few posts published at other blogs around the web, so I've put together a little list of those.

So I went ahead and put up the design changes. There is still a lot of work to do. Some css tweaks, some broken links, some pages still using the old design but I’ll roll all that stuff out slowly. Whenever I made sites for myself I aways end up giving myself some wacky restraints. It is pretty stupid, I should just make the best design possible. For this site I decided I could only use Arial and Times for the fonts and two colors. I ended up not doing just two colors. The first version was read and white but it reminded me too much of the Blood Bank, so I instead went with the blue, grey and white colors the site originally had.

My Guest Posts

If you like my posts and want to see what else I’ve been writing, here are a few posts.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Design Education - at Instant Shift

Designing For Responsiveness - at Web Designer Depot

Web Designers, What to Look for in a CMS - at Web Designer Depot

Why Designers Should Do Volunteer Projects - at DesignModo

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some other posts you might enjoy or I thought where particularly relevant to the web design post you just read

Best Places to Generate New Ideas

Trying to think of a new blog post, a creative design or a new business idea? The best thing to do is dedicate a part of your day or your week to being creative. It doesn't have to take up…

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Conducting a Successful Website Redesign

I love doing website redesigns because you don't have to work in the dark. The client already understands the process, has some content ready, and they know what they want. You also have an example to look at and can…

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Selling Your Products Online

Many people try to sell their products online and most do not succeed. The idea that selling online is "free" is one of the biggest myths out there. Nothing is free and selling online is no exception. But there are…

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