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Welcome, Howdy, Hello

Thanks for stopping by Couchable. Since this is the first post I'll go ahead and give a little overview of what this blog is all about and why you want to come back frequently.


My goal with this blog is to discuss web business for small business and individuals wanting to work for themselves.

Why so broad?

Well for starters I have a ton of different interests. I am a web designer by trade with a background in graphic and packaging design. My other passion is business, especially entrepreneurship and getting small companies off the ground. So why not write about the topics I enjoy, and plus not limiting myself allows for a pretty endless supply of topics to write about. So there.

Quality Content:

One of my goals is to push out quality posts, articles, reviews, how-tos, guides and roundups. If it means spending 3-5 hours or even a few days on a post instead of 30 minutes so be it. I will be creating some typical blog posts but also in-depth posts covering an entire topic, or at least giving a good foundation, not just a bunch of 10 things lists or quick 250 word posts every day.

Web Design

And because I am a web designer a large part of my time will be spent creating, adding-to, and tweaking the design of the site. I know some people hate this, but nothing is perfect the first or even 30th time. I plan on adding many more features and content areas to the site than are here at the start, hopefully with some user feedback. This is my playground after all. It will start as a blog but will become much more as time goes on. Maybe a few months from now I’ll give some insight into the upcoming changes.

Thanks Again,

Thank you for stopping by and come back frequently to see the changes to the site and of course read the content. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions let me know.

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Couchable is a web design blog created by Tyler Herman. Not really updated anymore because I'm busy doing freelance design work and busy launching my little WordPress theme shop Real Theme Co. You can read a little more about my at my personal site