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Couchable News

New Site Design

Dec 29, 2011 | Tags: news

When I built this blog I put the design together in under a day. Partially, because I was impatient and partially because I didn't know what content I wanted to have.

So now that I have a couple of days off (horray for the holidays!) and I have a bit of content, I’ve started working on the design again. I am not starting completely over. The colors will be the same, and the layout will be the same. Just sprucing things up a bit. Right now I am focusing on the header area and the navigation which you can see a bit of below.

new couchable design

My biggest concern is with making navigation that is actually useful. I’ve always planned on breaking the site out into several sub-blogs or areas, by category, and the new design will work that in.

Even though there is still a lot of work to do, I've launched the first subblog area of the site.

I started with ExpressionEngine because I had a few posts already done and some ideas of content that will be specific for that part of the site. To start with I’ll be added ExpressionEngine specific resources, organized into categories along with the usual posts, tips and news stuff. I have plans on adding two other similar sections to the site in an attempt to separate content out by interests. Some people may not be interested in ExpressionEngine but if they are, that area of the site is the place to go.

I’ll keep adding, tweaking and seeing how well it works and hopefully launch a second area after the new year.

Quality Over Quantity

Dec 11, 2011 | Tags: blogging

I've decided to reduce the number of posts I'm going to write to three a week. It isn't because I don't have the time or I am already out of ideas.

I just feel that the posts I write in one day don’t live up the to quality level I am trying to maintain. Many times, I end up coming up with additional ideas and thing I wish I had included after the post is published. So I am going to write my posts over two-three days now and really push the quality level of them. I also have been spending zero time editing, so the amount of typos should go down, and the overall flow of the posts should improve dramatically. In addition, I can also spend more time on research and including additional resources in the posts I’m writing.

My only concern is that I am covering so many different topics. If I post less I will be spending less time on each of them. Hopefully the addition of more quick tips will fill the void.

So really the amount of time spent on this blog isn’t going down, just being redistributed. Or at least I am telling myself that.

New Site Content Types

Dec 03, 2011 | Tags: news

So I finally got around to adding two new content types to the site: News and Tips.

News will be quick posts or blurbs about the various topics I cover here on this blog, interesting resources or posts I’ve found elsewhere that I feel you would want to read, or news about this site. Tips are quick, little, useful bits of information that might not need an entire post to themselves.

Both Tips and News will appear on the main page but some will be Category specific. Like say I create an ExpressionEngine Tip, it might not be relevant to the entire audience of this blog so it will be on EE pages only. It really just depends on if I feel it is relevant to everyone or a specific audience but they can all be found on the individual Tips or News pages.