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Why Your Designs Are Not Getting Better

Everyone starts their design career in the same place. We might have an inclination of what good design is, but we suck at the execution. But we go to school or teach ourselves the software, the rules, the techniques and we improve dramatically. If you don't believe me, open up your first Photoshop project (if you still have it) and just look at the Frankenstein you created. Remember back to when you got excited about the dumb little features you learned in Photoshop and fully abused them (think Blending Modes, every single Layer Style, Filters, etc.).


Jan 09, 2012

Do you ever think about how much time you spend in front of a screen of one type or other. It can be a little scary when you start to think about it. I’ve noticed my life has become a process of moving from one screen to the next.

Why Great Designers Quit Designing

The design field is one that tons of people want to be a part of, and yet the turnover rate is incredibly high. Many good designers don’t make it more than ten years. For a very sought after field that seems a little odd. Here are some of the many reasons why designers leave the design field.

Happy Turkey Day

Nov 24, 2011
Happy Turkey Day

Happy turkey day everyone! If you are not in the States I apologize. It isn't fun being left out of the festivities. In any case hope everyone is having a glorious day with friends and family. Eating, drinking, gambling and watching football in excess and total abandon.

Benefits of Learning Complementary Skills for Creatives

If you have been working as a creative for any length of time, and want to expand into other areas, feel you have learned all you can, or simply wish to earn more money, branching out may be an option for you. There are so many complementary skills designers can acquire to make themselves more marketable.

Best Places to Generate New Ideas

Trying to think of a new blog post, a creative design or a new business idea? The best thing to do is dedicate a part of your day or your week to being creative. It doesn't have to take up any more of your busy day. Some of the best ideas happen in places you wouldn't think about.