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articles i thought you might like that you may have missed, in no particular order

Tips for Landing Your First Design Job

Landing your first design job is always the hardest. Here are a few pieces of advice for students and people looking to get into the field for the first time.

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How to Tell a Client No

As a designer you must posses this skill, and yes, it is a skill. It can be one of the hardest things to do if you are not a very assertive person. Yet it is a vital part of becoming…

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How to Spot Trouble Clients

For any creative, dealing with clients is a fact of life. Good ones come few and far between and the bad ones can really make life miserable. Not to mention put a dent in your wallet. So here are some…

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Add-ons for Making ExpressionEngine Blogging Easier

ExpressionEngine is my CMS of choice. I could use Wordpress or another blogging platforms when I need to create a blog but I'd rather use what I know. That and I can turn a blog built with ExpressionEngine into a much larger site with ease if need be. So here is a list of accessories, plugins, modules, field types and extensions that make blogging with ExpressionEngine easier to do.

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Dropbox, How Did I Live Without You

Once upon a time people used to carry these things called "thumb drives" and before those there were rewritable cds, and zip discs, and before those, floppy disks. All of which with the purpose of storing and moving data. Now we just have a Dropbox Account.

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Creating User Engagement

One of the best ways to get repeat visitors is to increase the amount of engagement on your site. If there is no way for users to interact or react to your content than you are just an information site. Here are 8 of the most common ways of doing so.

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10 Clever T-shirts Off Threadless

Sometimes you need a little break or to see what other people are up to. Threadless is full of clever little shirts from a whole community of talented designers and artists. Here are a few I thought were worth sharing with you.

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Getting Traffic to Your Older Posts

It tends to be the case with most posts that once they get pushed off the homepage, they get read less and less often. Just because a post isn't brand new doesn't mean readers wouldn't like it. So here are some ways of promoting those good old posts that have been forgotten.

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Business is Like Dating

There are so many thing you can compare business to but dating is particularly relevant. The sweaty palms, nervousness and fear of rejection. Hopefully made worthwhile with a long-lasting romance.

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Business Ideas: Stock Photography

Do you want to start a business you can work at at home but just don't know what to do or where to start. If you have an interest in photography this might be the one for you.

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