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articles i thought you might like that you may have missed, in no particular order

Tips for Landing Your First Design Job

Landing your first design job is always the hardest. Here are a few pieces of advice for students and people looking to get into the field for the first time.

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Why Your Designer Hates You

When you are used to running your own business you make all the decisions. But if you want your designer to do their best work, they have to own the project. That is, they must have some personal stake in…

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Why Great Designers Quit Designing

The design field is one that tons of people want to be a part of, and yet the turnover rate is incredibly high. Many good designers don’t make it more than ten years. For a very sought after field that…

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Improving An Old Site’s Traffic - Quick and Easy

There are tons of things you can do to improve an old site, like refresh the design, add more content, refresh the content that is there, add more interactive features, improve the on and off-page SEO, but this article will focus on analyzing the traffic the site is getting and finding quick and easy places to make improvements. We are talking like 20 minutes here.

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How Does Google Define Quality

Google has been harping about quality content for a while now. They want great content and will provide the best search results to the people who have it (in theory). Of course there are millions of examples showing garbage content at the top of the SERPs but they are slowly improving and are better than the alternatives.

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Link Building After Penguin

We all have been looking closely at the way we build links and have been doing SEO lately because of Penguin. Many of us have seen our sites tank because of poor link building practices. Some of us simply didn’t know any better or did some foolish things a few years ago that ended up affecting our sites today.

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One of My Sites Got the Google Slap

Well I suppose if you play around with grey-hat techniques you end up getting burnt eventually. But even white hat techniques can get you in trouble these days. One of my better niche sites got the Google slap last week and probably won’t come out of it for a couple months or more. Here’s what I’ve learned from the experience.

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Creating a Design Project Outline

In order to get any design project off the ground successfully you need to create a solid outline. An outline clearly states the goals of the project, work involved, a timeline, deliverables and tools to measure the success (or failure) of the project after completion.

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Web Design Blogs to Read in 2012

I am always on the lookout for good new blogs or those with great content that I haven't seen before. In the web design field it seems like a handful of the larger blogs can drown out the voice of the little guys who many time have better things to say. So here are some of the smaller blogs that have great content that you should follow.

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