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Tips for Landing Your First Design Job

Landing your first design job is always the hardest. Here are a few pieces of advice for students and people looking to get into the field for the first time.

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Why ExpressionEngine is the Best CMS for Web Designers

Many web designers come to the realization that they need to be able to build more than just static web pages. Some may look for a web developer partner, others look to become developers themselves, but most turn to a…

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How to Spot Trouble Clients

For any creative, dealing with clients is a fact of life. Good ones come few and far between and the bad ones can really make life miserable. Not to mention put a dent in your wallet. So here are some…

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Responsive Design As A Standard

Responsive Design As Standard With over 50% of internet users now searching the web on their mobile phone, the time has come to make responsive design a standard practice when creating a website. If your company is commissioning a website, the following information will give you an introduction to responsive design and what to request from your chosen agency.

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Flat File CMSes to Consider

For smaller sites most times the larger CMSes aren't necessary and may end up slowing you down. Having to develop a site on a test server and set up the database are steps you really don't need to take for a site with mostly static content. You want to be able to develop as fast as possible yet still want to give your client at least the ability to edit their own copy.

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Post-Penguin SEO Advice for Beginners

It seems like the SEO world has changed and so will the internet marketing world. With the large amount of old and outdated content out there it can be hard for newcomers to find solid advice and gain a foothold. There are many techniques that just don't work anymore yet they are still being pushed and/or sold to people who don't know any better.

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