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Why ExpressionEngine is the Best CMS for Web Designers

Many web designers come to the realization that they need to be able to build more than just static web pages. Some may look for a web developer partner, others look to become developers themselves, but most turn to a…

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Why Your Designer Hates You

When you are used to running your own business you make all the decisions. But if you want your designer to do their best work, they have to own the project. That is, they must have some personal stake in…

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How to Spot Trouble Clients

For any creative, dealing with clients is a fact of life. Good ones come few and far between and the bad ones can really make life miserable. Not to mention put a dent in your wallet. So here are some…

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Promoting Websites with Local Search

For a brand new website, optimizing for local search can be the first and easiest way to get relevant traffic. There are plenty of ways of driving traffic to websites but local search is best for small businesses looking to use their websites to gain new clients or sales. The traffic won't be staggering but will be highly relevant which ultimately is what is important.

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Clean and Unique Website Layouts

Minimalist web design has had it's impact on web design and now we've gone on, bring back the color and imagery while still keeping the clean look. Some new layouts have also become more popular in the last year or so. Here are some fresh designs that are clean and interesting.

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Easy and Simple CMS for HTML Websites

I think we’ve all been asked for it. Clients with real basic, static html websites that want to be able to update their own content. For those of us who use a more feature rich CMS this can be a problem because it does take some time getting a pre-existing website into the CMS and making it editable for clients, usually more time then it would take to just do the updates for them on an hourly basis.

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Determining How Fast a Website Gets Indexed

You can tell a lot about how well a new website will do in the search engines right away, by how long it takes to get indexed by Google. How long it takes, which pages get indexed first, and what terms the new site gets indexed for in Webmaster Tools will tell you if you have a real challenge ahead gaining search results or if it will be easy.

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Building Niche Sites for Passive Income

Even if you don’t do it, you’ve probably thought about it. All designers, especially freelancers would love to have one or multiple passive income streams. Building a small army of niche sites containing ads and affiliate links seems pretty gimmicky, and yet it works for some people. Being web designers we are also pretty set up with a whole lot more tools than your average person. We can build the sites, write the copy and do our own SEO.

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Why I Don’t Have A Design Portfolio

For the last two almost three months I haven't had a design portfolio online. I had every intention of creating a new one to replace the one I took down, but other things, like this blog and another personal project, got in the way. I've been thinking a lot about it and looking at the kinds of contacts I am and am not getting from my empty website, I've decided I just might stay portfolio-less for a while longer.

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