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Tag: Blogging

Quality Over Quantity

Dec 11, 2011

I've decided to reduce the number of posts I'm going to write to three a week. It isn't because I don't have the time or I am already out of ideas.

I just feel that the posts I write in one day don’t live up the to quality level I am trying to maintain. Many times, I end up coming up with additional ideas and thing I wish I had included after the post is published. So I am going to write my posts over two-three days now and really push the quality level of them. I also have been spending zero time editing, so the amount of typos should go down, and the overall flow of the posts should improve dramatically. In addition, I can also spend more time on research and including additional resources in the posts I’m writing.

My only concern is that I am covering so many different topics. If I post less I will be spending less time on each of them. Hopefully the addition of more quick tips will fill the void.

So really the amount of time spent on this blog isn’t going down, just being redistributed. Or at least I am telling myself that.

Options vs Simplicity

Dec 09, 2011
Options vs Simplicity

On Twitter today I noticed a tweet by @tkenny (Tom Kenny), the guy behind Inspect Element. He is redesigning his blog and tweeted these about the use of sidebars, which I didn't agree with but wanted to share:

Time to Revisit Your Website’s Security

After this recent group of site hacks to some of the popular design blogs, it is time to think about our own website's security. Most of the sites that were targeted were pretty popular but it is still important to take what precautions we can.

Best Practices for Offering Premium Content on Your Website

Giving away content for free is a good way to bring in readers but making money from advertisements alone, might not be enough to make a successful business out of your website. Many of the top bloggers are selling their own content products and services right alongside advertisements, with good results.

Benefits of Updating Old Blog Posts

It hurts to see those neglected, old blog posts. Especially, when you know they were really good, but for whatever reason they got looked over. It should become a habit to revisit old blog posts at least once a year. The benefits of doing so are numerous.

What I’ve Learned From the First Month of Blogging

Well I am now a little over half way through the second month of blogging here at Couchable. Here are some of the things I've learned or are confirmations of my own suspicions before beginning this little journey.

Measuring Blog Post Success

When starting a new blog or trying to improve an existing one, it is often difficult to gage the success of your posts. The most obvious indicator would be traffic, but often even that can be misleading. I've put together some of the ways I measure post success here for you. The best part about these measurements is they work for blogs with smaller amounts of traffic. Not only that but they can be applied to competitors blogs to see how they are doing as well, without seeing their Analytics. Or to gage how your guest post stacked up against other posts on a site.

Best Places to Generate New Ideas

Trying to think of a new blog post, a creative design or a new business idea? The best thing to do is dedicate a part of your day or your week to being creative. It doesn't have to take up any more of your busy day. Some of the best ideas happen in places you wouldn't think about.

10 Reasons Why List Posts are Hurting Your Blog

OK, I don’t have 10 reasons, just a couple good ones, and no they aren’t in list form. Every blog has them. They are the quick filler posts that allow you to keep content churned out on a daily basis. But what is good for you is not necessarily good for your readers and here is why.

Promote a New Blog, Where and How

No matter how amazing your content, within the first month to first couple months of your blogs existence, it will be very hard to get traffic. People do not just randomly stumble upon websites, so you need to find ways to get your work in front of some eyeballs other than your own.

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